Screenings, Exhibitions, Articles
as a Mobile Artist since 2013

May 4, 2024:
opening of the exhibition, at 4pm, at MIRA | performing arts in Rua Padre António Vieira, 68 (Porto, Portugal).
My selfie "In the Gust of Wind" was selected for this 17th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize.
Finalist images on the MIRA page and video of the selected works on Youtube.

February 2024:

I'm part of the article "New Year Resolutions"

publicated in the 

by Joanne Carter


with my photo "Cup of Espresso"


"A warm cup of espresso on a table in the sun

A moment of peace and reflection

A reminder of the journey I have begun

A reward for the challenges I have overcome..."




July 2023: my "Sunset" is one of the top 150 photographs from the 15th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize (Porto, Portugal). "This edition features outstanding photographs from around the world!"
"...150 fotografias mais bem classificadas do MIRA Mobile Prize. Esta edição apresentou notáveis fotografias vindas de todo o mundo!"


Publication, 2023:

Book of the 15th edition of the MIRA Mobile Prize with the 60 photographs from the shortlist and the 150 best classified

April 23-30, 2023:


12th Annual International Mobile Film Festival,

directed by Susie Botello, San Diego.


The new version of my experimental short video "NO COMMENT" was screened in this festival. Marina Village Conference Center, San Diego, California.


It's all about a tiny, for our eyes invisible virus that has gotten the center of attention.


“We learn from, and are inspired by, each other in our mobile filmmaking community. I am personally thrilled to see the connections and friendships formed in our festival each year. I am inspired.” Founder Susy Botello

March 30, 2023, 7:00 PM EDT: My short video "Reflections" (54 seconds) will be part of the "2023 Moving_Image_Arts International Short Film Festival, created by artists/creators Gerda Cammaer, Devin Shears and Pierre Tremblay.

Free tickets on Eventbrite. 

In-Person Event: School of Image Arts at Toronto Metropolitan University, 122 Bond St Toronto, ON M5B 1X8 Canada. 

Online Event: Starts on Thu, Mar 30, 2023 7:00 PM EDT for 7 DAYS to look.


Moving-Image-Arts is a one-hour juried showcase of recent short independent films and videos from around the world that creatively explore a certain theme. This year, that theme is REFLECTION. Just as the film strip reflects light from a lens and exposes an image, these 15 films hold a mirror up to our challenging and ever-changing world and reveal new ways of seeing.



March 9, 2023: online screening of "Beyond the Curve International Film Festival", Paris. "The Missing Snowflake" is Best Experimental Film (Main Category): BCIFF Award of Excellence of the November Season.

Old Olive Tree

 January 11, 2023: "Art New Year Resolutions 2023 From Artists Throughout The World",  an article by theappwhisperer:

"Vanessa Vox 

Despite some signs of relief, the world has not really gotten a better place after the pandemic. A lot of new issues are intriguing the world. And we are all involved in a certain way. I have chosen for this New Year‘s Resolutions Post the photo of a beautiful old olive tree as a symbol of peace, wisdom, prosperity, vitality, and persistence. The picture is mirrored downwards as if the tree is growing into a deeper layer of life.

Well, my smartphone camera will remain my constant companion throughout everyday life also in 2023, helping me to stay in the flow of creativity. Working with photos and short films let me interact with the world and communicate with you, the onlookers. In this flow, I feel free and happy."

December 11, 2022: Very honored to be part of the Smartphone Filmmakers discussion at the end of the ONLINE Mobile Studies Congress 2022, organized by Max Schleser, Swinburne University of Technology (Australia) in collaboration with Xiaoge Xu of the University of Nottingham Ningbo (China).

 November 18-20, 2022:  #MINA XI/SF3, the 11th Annual International Mobile Innovation Screening, directed by Max Schleser. My short experimental film "The Missing Snowflake" has been screened in the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne)  in the category "Mobile Innovation Screening".

June 13th and 24th: "Digital" is part of a slideshow on the theme « Medium is the message » which will be displayed during two academic events taking place in France (Paris and Dijon).

Slide show regroupant des oeuvres mobiles (photos et vidéos) autour du thème des médias et de l'information pour l'édition 2022 des Doctorales de la Société Française des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication (SFSIC)

13 juin 2022: journée d'étude organisée par Laurence Allard et Pauline Escande-Gauquié

à l'INHA 2 rue Vivienne 75002 Paris

23-24 juin 2022: Diffusion à la Maison des Sciences de l'Homme de Dijon

 November 12-14, 2021:  #MINA X, the 10th Annual International Mobile Innovation Screening, directed by Max Schleser. My short experimental film "No Comment" has been screened in the ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne) as well as online in the category "Containing Covid-19".


November 13, 2021, 5pmI was very honored to be part of an online Smartphone Filmmakers plenary session (45 min) of #MINA X.  Chair: Max Schleser.


March 25, 2021:


My short video "No Comment" 

is part of the 


International Film Festival

6th edition

2021 as an online event



Moving-Image-Arts is a collaborative International short film festival

created by artists/curators Gerda Cammaer, Devin Shears and Pierre Tremblay.

It is a one-hour juried showcase of short films and videos from around the world.


21 short experimental films from around the world

exploring the theme ZEITGEIST. 

These are short artistic and poetic cinematic interpretations. 


December 8-9, 2020:





My three experimental videos about the pandemic time

are part of this event:

"Fragmented News" (February-March 2020)

"No Comment" (October 2020)

"Vanessa and the Lockdown"

(November 2020)

Curation by the Mobile Camera Club.


Le colloque portable “Pandémix.mob”

propose une curation de recherches, créations et réflexions

sur les usages du mobile en temps de pandémie.



Vanessa and the Lockdown (in the middle)

17-19 January, 2020: 


#MINA2020 My short experimental film "Childhood Memories" has been selected for MINA Film festival, the 9th International Mobile Innovation Network. 


A public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films in China (January 2020), New Zealand and Australia.



Childhood Memories by Vanessa Vox (in the middle)




11 January, 2020: 



Video screening und Installationen


Kuratoren: Beate Görde und Ria Gerth


ALL STARS, 2009-2019,

10 Jahre Blaue Stunde


"Alte Feuerwache"


D-50670 Köln


13:00 und 15:00 Uhr: Installationen, Performances 


18:00 und 20:30 Uhr: Videovorführungen, 

Teil I und Teil II 


Anmeldung erforderlich


128 Seiten Softcover Katalog


With my "Unlocked Door" (June 2019, 1'30 min)


November 16, 2018: 


#MINA2018 Screening on the 16th November in Melbourne, Australia


Swinburne University of Technology

John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122



One of my short videos:

'Living in a Daily Flow of News' is part of this event.

November 3, 2018:


a Film Event with three of my short experimental videos 

Blaue Stunde IX will take place in the "Wetzlarer Kunstverein" (Wetzlar, Germany) 


Some pics of the event:


Wetzlarer Neue Zeitung, Sehnsucht zur "Blauen Stunde" (6. November 2018): 

"Die Zuschauer bekamen 24 Videoarbeiten internationaler Künstler und Künstlerinnen zu sehen... Der zweite Teil des Abends begann mit einem Video der französischen Künstlerin Vanessa Vox..."  


February-July 2018: 

I'm very honored to be in the jury team of MINA 2018 (Australia), a film festival dedicated to mobile and smartphone filmmaking.
Submissions are open on

April the 22th, 2018 


My photo 'Destruction' is part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of

Selected by Diana Nicholette Jeon. Topic: 'What's Your Point of View?'


Backstory by Vanessa Vox: 

'My photo called ‘Destruction’ is not meant to be a glorification of decay. The shards and fragments of the leaded window are rather witnesses of a stupid act of boredom, unmotivated aggression and disrespect. The small chapel was built around 1900 by Jean-Pierre Léopold Urdy, a country doctor...'

March the 24th, 2018


'Visualising Mobile Photography and Art Interview with Vanessa Vox from France' 

by Joanne Carter from theappwhisperer.


Ten questions are answered by Vanessa Vox visually 

with own works created on a mobile device:


'How Would You Describe Your Mobile Art?',

'What Does Mobile Art Mean To You?',

'What Are Your Aspirations?'...



January the 6th, 2018


Five of my experimental shorts 

(works from 2012-17)

were selected for the


Alte Feuerwehr,

Melchiorstrasse 3,

50670 Köln

11:00 to 18:00



December the 31th, 2017


My two photos 'Open Window' and 'Old Books' are part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of Selected by Trish Korous

Backstories by Vanessa Vox:


'Open Window: The special character of a ruin is that the interior space of a past time slowly transforms into an outer space. This little church in the south of France has lost its roof over the centuries. On the photo you only see a majestic tower and an abandoned wall with an open window. I stood in the shadow of this wall. A shadow which reminds me of the dark nave. The strongly illuminated tower and the window are witness to the rising sun behind the wall. When I took the pic my eyes were caught by the light. The B&W Hipstamatic combo (Scott S, Blackeys IR) finally emphasized the high contrast light scenario.'

'Old Books: Visible traces of time and decay. We look at dense rows of old books in a overfilled castle library. This is a monochrome snapshot from the hip. I tried to accentuate the ancient character as well as the fragile feel of old paper.



December the 17th, 2017


My photo 'Mantis (4)' is part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of

Selected by Trish Korous

Backstory by Vanessa Vox: 'What could be more exciting as to sit in the grass face to face with an alien? The mantis has a stereoscopic vision and a small black dot on each eye which is moving. It feels like a close encounter.
I used an Olloclip macro lens on my iPhone. Then I spoke softly to my model, “You are a fascinating creature. Very photogenic!” This conversation lets me forget the challenge to get a sharp shot. The depth of field of a macro lens is extremely small and as everybody knows insects are moving very unpredictably. At the end, I was quite happy that my patience and the patience of the mantis succeeded. Whew… I’ve got my photo series.'



December the 10th, 2017


Two of my photos are part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of 

Selected by Bob Weil.


Backstories by Vanessa Vox:


'Early Winter in the Drôme Provençale: I just walked out of the village shop as this cute snowman looked at me intensely, like saying: ‘Please hurry! Get out your iphone cam, I’m afraid I will melt soon looking at you!’. Wow! What a charming young fellow!' (Vanessa Vox)

'Ready For a Walk: Once upon a time there was a noble and friendly grandma, a big pink pig and a tiny black-white piglet… A colorful and imaginative scene rised up in my mind and the story began to weave. It was one of those grey and melancolic days at the end of november.
I’ve shot this pic on a flea market in the south of France. Little me was immediately caught by the expression of the figures as well as by the various structures of materials: the old untreated wood of the basket, the varnished wood of a homemade board game, the autumn leaves on the weathered cement steps.'



November the 5th, 2017


My photo 'Shadows Alive (35)' is part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of

Selected by Trish Korous

Backstory by Vanessa Vox: 'I live in a region where the sun dominates the scene very often. Sometimes there is too much brightness and I am longing for the night when the big shadow overwhelms the landscape.
But also during the day when the sun is behind my back, I keep an eye on all these moving shadows which appear here and there and follow me on old stone walls and streets. They seem to tell me stories about another life beyond the daily routine. They tell stories about things happening in another world.
I remember that I was always fascinated by early German expressionistic movies. They played with shadows to create a surreal vision somewhere between reality and human fears. But in my series 'Shadows alive' there is more than fear. There are also dancing bodies and stories of corresponding souls. And sometimes the shadows communicate with the real world and the real things. But what is real?' 



October the 25th, 2017


My 'Dreaming' is one of the 17 videos selected for MINA 2017(The International Mobile Innovation Screening)

at ACMI(Australian Centre for the Moving Image)

in Melbourne, Australia

7:45pm to 9:30pm




  MINA SHOW & TELL @ ACMI (November 2017)

Moderated by Tania Sheward

Panel: Experimental and Emerging Practices

My 'Dreaming' was screened.

August the 27th, 2017


My 'Dreaming' is one of the 23 videos selected for the 'Third Annual Femmes’organized by Micol Hebron. The Video Art Festival screening will occur at The Situation Room (2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041) on August 27th, from 8-10pm.


August, 2017


One of my retro 'Shadows Alive' is part of 'the Mobile Art Quilt Project'

Roger Guetta (Canada) had the idea to create a Mobile Community 50'x60" Flag with 13x18 square mobile photos from 13x18 mobile photographers.

May the 13th, 2017

April the 28, 29 & 30th, 2017



My short experimental 'Dreaming' was selected for #MFF2017SanDiego in San Diego, California presented by S. Botello Productions™

'Dreaming' on VIMEO:


March to April 10, 2017:

my experimental VIDEO 'Portrayed Ol'Man Talking Silly Things' on the 'Eye Want Change' page for the smartphone film competition 2017.


 March 26, 2017


At french TV a report about Selfies in the C8 'Magazine culturel' by Audrey Pulvar (at 13'50). At 23'50, the group installation of the Mobile Camera Club in the Romanian Embassy in Paris ('This is not a Selfie...'). My 'Flying Eye' is at 24'21 visible. See below:


March 2017



My 'Screen Reading' is one of the four selected 2 minutes films.


February the 2nd, 2017 

A print of my 'Flying Eye' will hang in the photographic installation

"This is not a selfie..."

"Ceci n'est pas un selfie..."

organized by the Gallery smART,

Mobile Camera Club, Paris

17 mobile artists on the walls and mirrors of the Romanian Embassy in Paris, during the first "rencontres francophones de la vidéo mobile".

'...à l'occasion des premières rencontres francophones de la vidéo mobile, organisées par Samsa et consacrées à la production de contenu (vidéo, photo, live, etc.) avec smartphone. Elles rassembleront 250 professionnels du journalisme, du cinéma, de la création visuelle et de la communication'

24 oeuvres, 17 artistes : Aylin Argun (Turquie) Eliza Badoiu (Roumanie) Cédric Blanchon (France) Helen Breznik (USA) Lorenka Campos (USA) Karen Divine (USA) Nettie Edwards (Angleterre) Roger Guetta (Canada) Armineh Hovanesian (USA) Sarah Jarrett (Angleterre) Diana Nicholette Jeon (USA) Patricia Larson (Mexique) Amy Leibrand (USA) Bobbi McMurry (USA) Jim Perdue (USA) Benamon Tame (Angleterre) Vanessa Vox (France)



January the 26th, 2017

January the 4th, 2017


Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2017 From Around The World by Joanne Carter


'Taking photos and post processing them is my great passion. Yesterday, today, tomorrow— it makes no difference. But 2016 was mainly a ‘video year’ which included also being occupied with music apps. All three genre— photography, video and music— are really fascinating and open the doors to very different worlds.

Looking back at 2016 I’m very honoured that some of my experimental mobile movies were screened in different venues and festivals around the world. Another interesting and exciting experience was to be part of the beta tester team of LumaFusion, which is a new and absolutely state of the art video editing IOS-app coming soon.

My vision for 2017 is to stay engaged in my creative flow. Which means keeping an open mind. Being faithful to my values. Living a colourful life. Accepting the perpetual change. Expressing the variety of creativity. Taking care of the very moment and never neglecting the things I love' (written by Vanessa Vox) 

Since Autumn 2016

An interesting and exciting experience is to be part of the beta tester team of LumaFusion, which is a new and absolutely state of the art video editing iOS-app. LumaFusion is developped by Terri Morgan and Chris Demiris from LumaTouch. 

Lumatouch homepage

On the appstore

OCTOBER the 29th, 2016

in Köln, "Alte Feuerwache" (Germany)


My short video 'March the 7th, 2015' (2'07)

(Vanessa's Diary 2014-1016)

was screened at "Blaue Stunde VII"

Film V.Vox, Music Orlando Bay

Theme: Jetzt/Now, curation Beate Gördes and Ria Gerth

OCTOBER the 15th, 2016

at Disjecta in Portland (USA) 


'April the 27th, 2016 / Screen Reading' (0'41) will be screened at the 

North Portland Unknown 2 Minute Film Festival


September the 26th, 2016  

A new portfolio of mobile photographers and mobile artists on theappwhisperer page,

edited by Joanne Carter




CINEPHONE, 'International Smartphone Shortfilm Festival'

2016, Spain, Barcelona 

My 'April the 27th, 2016 / Screen Reading' 

was accepted into the official selection.

Under 'Shortfilms', Genre 'Experimental', Title 'Screen Reading'




on the 2nd place of the mDAC Summit 2016

(section for animated GIFs or short video art)

Palo Alto, California, USA

'March the 3rd, 2016 / Where are you?' winner on the 2nd place of the mDAC Summit 2016, Palo Alto, California (section for animated GIFs or short video art)



 JUNE 2016

my experimental short 'Screen Reading' (0'41) is in:


in the category 'MINI-SHORT – 1 minute films'


May the 27th, 2016



Photo by Donna Donato 'Born'

Quote by Vanessa Vox


in the blog

'dreamstations, dreams and photographs'

by sentimental deed

May the 27th, 2016



Mobile Videography Interview 

with Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan

from LumaTouch by Vanessa Vox


'LumaClip and LumaFX (released 2016) are two powerful iOS video apps they come highly recommended and are easy to use. Thus, I was very curious to know more about the developers behind these innovative new products.

 In 2013 Chris Demiris (Engineering) and Terri Morgan (Design) co-founded ‘LumaTouch’ in Sandy (Utah, USA). Their intention was to ‘create innovative video products that take full advantage of modern touch interfaces’...'

Link to the article


MAY 21, 2016, 6 - 9pm

#HeForShe LA Media Summit // YouTube Space LA, USA 

Organisation and curation

by Niku Kashef

(Artist, Educator, Curator)


My video experiment

'April the 27th, 2016 / Screen Reading (0'41)'

is part of this event

Commercial media arts and the fine arts are both represented in one event.


HeForShe is a solidarity campaign developed by UN Women and championed by UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, Emma Watson. The event will include public figures, celebrity supporters, and leaders in the entertainment industry along with you wonderful artists!  The event is designed to educate and inspire people about the mission of UN Women and the global HeForShe initiative, and to work on ways to achieve gender equality in the Entertainment industry.

'April the 27th, 2016 / Screen Reading (0'41)'

'Screen Reading' by V.Vox, HeForShe Event, Los Angeles (Photo Cindy Rehm)

6 to 30 APRIL 2016


in the LACE gallery, Hollywood

and The Situaton Room,2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles.

'Femmes Video Art Festival 2016' (FVAF2),

curated by Micol Hebron.


Screening of my video the 15th and the 30th

at the Situation Room:


(2'25 -Music: Dark Bit Flow by Orlando Bay)


'We are delighted to feature work by artists from all over the globe, artists who are early in their careers, and artists who are established'



'Femmes Video Art Festival 2016' (FVAF2),The Situaton Room,2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles




MARCH 2016

Eye Want Change-London

Eye Want Change is an organisation which hosts an international smartphone film competition to celebrate ideas, creativity and the power of new technologies to democratise the mainstream media. Our main condition is that films must be shot on a smartphone, webcam or tablet, and relate to a social matter. 


 My video: 'WHY CAN'T WE'

is in the selected list

for the public voting


December the 19th, 2015:

my short film: 'Heart of the Kaleidoscope' is in: La fête du court métrage, Strasbourg 

 Topic: "Best of #mina2015 (mobile films / Australasia)"

10:00 à 12:00

Palais Universitaire

67000 Strasbourg 

NOVEMBER 19-20, 2015

Melbourne, Australia

5th MINA International Mobile

Innovation Screening 2015

#MINA2015, video presentation


My short experimental movie is one of the

26 selected movies from over the world:


'In the Heart of the Kaleidoscope' (2'25)

Music: Dark Bit Flow by Orlando Bay


The fifth edition MINA will present a public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films at RMIT University (19th Nov 2015) and on Fed TV at Federation Square (20th Nov 2015), Melbourne.


'Some mobile moving-image works are driven by aesthetic explorations using time-lapse, Kaleidoscopes or dioramas as inspiration. Messages are personal, intimate and immediate' Max Schlesen


'Another non-fiction approach is what I would describe as a type of ‘photographic videography’, with practitioners integrating the immediacy of a point-and-shoot device with the time-based potential of video.

(...) Experimental mobile filmmaking is another significant theme that is gravitating towards new media practices and technologies to explore new techniques and forms. There is a growing number of works that are beginning to move away from video editing and effects software on desktop computers to mobile apps. These works are being recorded and produced entirely on a smartphone' Seth Keen



'Now its fifth edition, the MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening is more diverse, colourful and provocative than ever before. Smartphone filmmaking has become a recognisable feature across the whole media landscape.

The MINA International Mobile Innovation Screening program features works from Australia, Aotearoa/ New Zealand, Germany, France, India, Iran, Japan and the Philippines.'

SEPTEMBER 26, 2015


Nomination as a NEM ARTIST

8 nominations: Armineh Hovanesian, Susan Rennie, Carolyn Hall Young, Vanessa Vox, Jane Shultz, Jo Sullivan, Juta Jazz, Lorenka Campos, Dominique Torrent, Clarisse Debout, Diana Nicholette Jeon


'Each NEM ARTIST represent the New Era Era Museum as ambassador of the iPhonic Movement and Photography.

This badge is for you and congratulations all'

Andrea Bigiarini


2015, July to August:

Carahue, Chile


Group exhibition



With my pic: 'My Urban Rural Life'.

See the photo below:


With my pic: 'My Urban Rural Life'

19th JUNE 2015, 18:00


Uni Sorbonne, Paris 3, salle 123, 18 à 20h

"Mises en exposition du selfie (genres, publics, espaces)"


La rencontre-débat réunira Nadine Bénichou et Stéphanie Dupont, co-fondatrices de la galerie Mobile Caméra Club, Omer Pesquer, consultant en médiation numérique, Yannick Brice et Vanessa Vox, artistes mobiles, ainsi que Laurence Allard et Sébastien Appiotti, pour Arts Mobiles.

JUNE 2015


Vanessa Vox is now co-editor of the Mobile Movie Column of theappwhisperer together with Giulia Baita.

Theappwhisperer founded by Joanne Carter is one of the foremost online ressources for mobile photographers.

June the 10th, 2015

 ARTICLE: "Audio Tracks within Short Films and Copyright Rules"

by Vanessa Vox


'We thought it would make a great discussion to consider your choice of audio tracks within mobile movies.  The soundtrack is a very important part of your creation, it gives your movie emotion. It helps viewers to immerse into the flow of your images and it makes the virtual space feel concrete and real...'

Link to the article


3rd JUNE to 30th SEPTEMBER 2015




a billboard exhibition in 4 mk2 cinemas in Paris

from the Mobile Camera Club Gallery.

With my Selfy: 'Flying Eye'

"Ces praticiens détournent le geste initial, le selfie, via des cadrages atypiques, des mises en scène élaborées qui peuvent par exemple rompre avec l’instantanéité supposée du selfie, poursuit Sébastien Appiotti. La retouche avec les applications est un second temps de la création qui permet des usages créatifs et inventifs de l’image, faisant de ces autoportraits des œuvres à part entière, et posant la question d’une esthétique propre à ces œuvres mobiles."

Sébastien Appiotti, Huffington Post, 03/06/2015

Article du 03/06/2015 "PHOTOS. Ces 25 autoportraits pris avec des portables vont changer votre vision du selfie", Le Huffington Post, 

"Les quarante autoportraits que vous pourrez voir dans cette galerie parisienne et dans certains cinéma MK2 jusqu'à fin septembre en sont la preuve. Ils ont tous été pris avec des téléphones portables puis retouchés (ou non) avec des applications sur mobiles ou tablette. Et quand on les découvre pour la première fois, difficile de faire le lien avec le bon vieux selfie de salle de bain"

Avatars Exhibition @mk2 making Of from mobile camera club

18th APRIL to 13th JUNI 2015


VANESSA VOX under the 200 best evaluated photographers

on the 1st page of the MIRA Exhibition Flyer,


March the 12th, 2015 

'Photo I am Most Proud Of:

Vanessa Vox'

 in Mobiography

by Andy Butler


'Vanessa’s work is a combination of self portraits, abstract montages and Hipstamatic style street images. For me it is images like ‘Shadows Alive 2’, ‘Spread Your Wings’ and ‘Me and My Porcelain Bird’ that are classic examples of Vanessa’s unique style of mobile photography'

Link to the article 


February the 21th,2015 

Guest Blogger Vanessa Vox

 in 'Combo Apps'  by Tina Rice 


"She has a very unique and beautiful mobile art gallery.

Her work includes self portraits and landscapes.

What her work reminds of are Biblical Storytelling and Folklore.

The images are filled with very vivid details

with dream like state while you’re awake"

Link to the article

1st FEBRUARY 2015


MPA 2014 (Mobile Photography Award)


My pic 'Meeting in the grass' is one of the

2014 Mobile Photography Awards Honorable Mention

in the category 'Macro/Details'

4th to 5th DECEMBER 2014


«Création (Photographique) Mobile»,


fruit d’un partenariat entre l’Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3,

l’Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art et le blog Photophores,

dédié à la photographie émergente


Some of my selfies were screened there:


SVAW! 3 (2014): Stop Violence Against Women,Verona, Italy

Video screening with one of my selfies.

With the participation of 135 mobileartists and almost 700 images.


'Melancolia' (a photo) by Vanessa Vox

 14th to 23th NOVEMBER 2014

ISMA-Mobile Art (L'Arte è Mobile), 

„Museo di Arte Contemporanea di Trento“, Rovereto, Italy. 

Topic: 'Beyong the Conflict'

With some photos and two of my short movies:

Mobile Photos: 

Isma 2014 - International Salon Mobile Art

Mobile Movies, screening the 17th November, 2014:
ISMA - 99 SECONDS Awards and Mentions

Eight videos were chosen, among them my 'When Everything is Over' and 'Lost in a Dream'.

6th SEPTEMBER to 1st NOVEMBER 2014


gallery MIRA Forum,

Porto, Portugal

with my photo: 'Montreux Jazz Festival 2013' 

5th to 27th SEPTEMBER 2014

NEM Kansas City,

with my 'Olive Tree in a Winter Mood'

in the 'Main Street Gallery',

Kansas City, USA

3rd to 28th


MPA-Pocket Vistas

with my 'Old Olive Tree'

at the BMFA Arts Centre

in Collingwood, Ontario, Canada

April the 28th, 2014


'Top five Photo Apps - Photo App Lounge by Vanessa Vox'

in theappwhisperer by Joanne Carter


with my photo 'Feeling one'

'A symbiotic feeling with nature. A close encounter of three creatures: Blackbird, rose and human being. A reminder to take care of our beautiful world. A witness of an ancient wisdom. We all belong together. We are all ONE which is symbolized by the pair of eyes'

(Vanessa Vox)

Link to the article


Donna Donato says: "Have to mention that when I read the titles of Vanessa Vox's pieces I tend to think of journal entries. I always look forward to viewing the newest entry. Her latest work feels like a b/w, animated sketch that sometimes slides into the twilight zone. I constantly had the sensation of walking backwards in an alternate reality while watching someone cavort in front of me".

January the 13th, 2014

'Painterly Mobile Artist

Vanessa Vox' 

in 'Art of Mob' 

by Geri Centonze

'Vanessa's painterly style

brings to mind the works of Rembrandt,

El Greco or Anthony van Dyck 

with her use of dark and golden tones

and heavy textures'

Link to the article

January the 11th, 2014

"Miss Skywalker"

"Apps Uncovered"

in iphoneographycentral,

by Bob Weil

'The first image by Vanessa Vox (Miss Skywalker)

artfully conveys with a self-portrait

a sense of strength and self-confidence.

For me, this image suggests that there’s a natural tension

between reality and dream (aspiration?)

and that this is a positive and necessary aspect of life'

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SVAW! 2 (2013) Verona, Italy


Stop Violence Against Woman,

with the participation of 89 mobileartists

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