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VANESSA VOX is a visual artist living since 2013 in the South of France. The beautiful region of the Drôme Provençale is her source of inspiration. Since 2012 she mainly works with mobile devices and apps. Most of the photos are edited in a painterly style or with retro effects and regulary published on FlickrThe videos are spontaneous and playful impressions combined with music usually composed by Orlando Bay. The videos are regulary published on Vimeo or Youtube since 2014.






Summer 2020:video submissions for #MINA 2021 are open until May 1, 2021.I'm very honored to be in the jury team. The Mobile Innovation Network and Association, will present a public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films in China (13-15 November 2021), New Zealand and Australia (via Urban Screen TV).


August 20, 2020: my newest experimental video "Metamorphic Mask" (2'37 minutes)is out on Youtube.


July 2020: my newest experimental video "Backlight" (3'30 minutes) is on Youtube.


June 16, 2020: short impression "Leaves in the Wind" (1 minute)is on Youtube.


May 16, 2020: my newest video is on Youtube, "Shadows’ Life, in the Streets, on the Walls" (2'26 minutes).


May 16, 2020: my newest video is on Youtube, "Open or Closed" (2'30 minutes).


May 3, 2020: my newest video is on Youtube, "Busy Spring" (5 minutes).


March 28, 2020: my newest video is on Youtube, "Fragmented News" (1'19 minutes).


February 2, 2020: my newest video is on Youtube, "My Real World (January 2020)" (2'14 minutes).


January 17-19, 2020:the MINA symposium and screening will run in China (University of Nottingham) between the 17th -19th with further screenings to be run in Australia and New Zealand in the following months. With my short video: "Childhood Memories".


January 11, 2020: BLAUE STUNDE X (Köln, Germany,in the "Alten Feuerwehr", 13:00). My short experimental film "Unlocked Door" will be screened there. 55 artists of 10 years (2009-2019): "Blaue Stunde, ALL STARS"


December 2019: my newest videos are on Youtube,"Fragmented Selfies" (December 2019, 2'50 min), "Follow Your Feet" (October 2019, 3'45 min)and "A World in a Cup" (November 2019, 2'33 min).


November 2019: my newest video is on Youtube, "Dipping into a Flower Paradise" (Spring/Summer 2019, 4'00 min).


October 2019: my short experimental film "Childhood Memories" has been selected for MINA Film festival, the 9th International Mobile Innovation Network. A public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films in China, New Zealand and Australia.


July-August 2019:I'm very happy to be again a part of the #MINA2019 jury. The 9th edition MINA (Mobile Innovation Network),will present a public screening of smartphone, mobile and pocket films in Australia(Venue in the end of January 2019. Submissions deadline: August 31, 2019 on Filmfreeway.


March 2019: "The Quilt", 200 square photos of 200 mobile phone artists over the world, will be show in Denver, USA, for the Month of Photography.


November 16, 2018: #MINA2018 Screening on the 16th November in Melbourne, Australia (Swinburne University of Technology, John St, Hawthorn VIC 3122, 4pm-7pm). Get the tickets via via

One of my short:'Living in a Daily Flow of News' is part of this event. 


November 3, 2018: a Film Event with three of my short experimental videos! Blaue Stunde IX will take place in Wetzlar, Germany (Wetzalcher Kunstverein, Hauser Gasse 17, 35578 Wetzlar, 17:30 to 19:30, free entry but ask for registration until 26 october at 


October 2018: My short video 'Living in a Daily Flow of News' was selected for #MINA2018, Melbourne, Australia. Yeah!


September 12, 2018: the Quilt Project is coming forward, thanks Lorenka Campos and Joanne Carter from   234 art works of mobile artists on 1 quilt. I'm happy to be a part of this project with my photo: 'Shadows Alive'


1st-24th August 2018:I'm in the jury team of #MINA2018 and it's time for me to rate and give feedbacks.

The 8th International Mobile Innovation Screening will be on the 16th November in Melbourne. I'm sure it will be very interesting!


May 8, 2018: short video impression of #MINA2017, MelbourneMy 'Dreaming' was part of this event.


April 22, 2018: my photo 'Destruction'is part of the iPhoneograpy Central column by Diana Nicholette Jeon, topic 'What's Your Point of View?'.Inclusiv a short background story.


March 24, 2018: 'Visualising Mobile Photography and Art Interview with Vanessa Vox from France' by Joanne Carter from theappwhisperer.


February 2018: I'm very honored to be in the jury team of MINA 2018 (Australia), a film festival dedicated to mobile and smartphone filmmaking. Submissions are open on


January 06, 2018:I'm very happy to be a part of 'Blaue Stunde VIII' (Köln, Germany, 06/01/18) with five of my short videos.


December 31, 2017: my photos 'Open Window' and 'Old Books' are part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of by Trish Korous. Inclusiv a short background story.


December 17, 2017: my photo 'Mantis (4)'is part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of by Trish Korous. Inclusiv a short background story.


December 10, 2017: two of my photos 'Early Winter in the Drôme Provençale' & 'Ready For a Walk' are in 'Apps uncovered' series of, by Bob Weil. Inclusiv the background stories. 


November 5, 2017: my photo 'Shadows Alive (35)' is part of the 'Apps uncovered' series of by Trish Korous. Inclusiv the background story.


October 25, 2017: my short video 'Dreaming' will be a part of MINA2017 (Melbourne, Australia)as well as a short Teaser Video in the second part of the evening. After screening at ACMI (Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne) the event will tour internationally to the Ngā Tonga Sound and Vision (New Zealand Archive of Film, Television and Sound) in Wellington, New Zealand.


Self-Presentation video for #MINA2017:


August 27, 2017: My 'Dreaming' is one of the 23 videos selected for the 'Third Annual Femmes’organized by Micol Hebron. The Video Art Festival screening will occur at The Situation Room (2313 Norwalk Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90041) on August 27th, from 8-10pm. Admission is free


August, 2017:'The Mobile Art Quilt Project' is starting. Roger Guetta had the idea to create a Mobile Community 50'x60" Flag. One of my retro 'Shadows Alive' is part of this. 


May 13, 2017:Vanessa Vox amongs other artists in'How The iPhone Gave Art Back To Mothers, Part 3'


April 28, 29 & 30, 2017: my short mobile film 'Dreaming' was accepted for MFF2017, 'The Sixth Annual International Mobile Film Festival' #MFF2017SanDiego.


March to April 10, 2017: my experimental video 'Portrayed Ol'Man Talking Silly Things'on the 'Eye Want Change' page for the smartphone film competition 2017.


March 28, 2017: APPArt Mini #7 Featuring Mobile Artist Vanessa Vox in theappwhisperer by Joanne Carter and Bobbi McMurry. Description of my collage 'Zest for Life', part of my new 'Triptychs' series.


March 26, 2017: a french TV report about Selfies in the C8 'Magazine culturel' by Audrey Pulvar (at 13'50). At 23'50, the group installation of the Mobile Camera Club in the Romanian Embassy in Paris('This is not a Selfie...'). My 'Flying Eye' is at 24'21 visible. 


March 2017:I'm very happy to have my short video 'Screen Reading' in the March selection of the 'North Portland Unknown Film Festival',Oregon  


February the 2nd, 2017: my mobile photos 'Flying Eye'is on the way to be print for a group exhibition: the photographic installation "This is not a selfie" will display the works of 17 mobile artists on the walls and mirrors of the Romanian Embassy in Paris, during the first "rencontres francophones de la vidéo mobile".


January the 26th: I made a very short video for the TrueView Interview by Joanne Carter, 23 seconds answering the question: 'What do you think makes a good Mobile Photographer?'


January 2017: the video editing app LumaFusion is since end of December 2016 in the appstore. I'm furthermore working as on the beta version for the next updates. Always more great functions! For shure now the best video editing app on the market.


January 2017: I had fun to translate some wonderful lyrics, from german to french. The begin of a music/video project.








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