My goal is to work regularly with the camera apps as well as editing or music apps. The results are photos, often selfies in a retro-painterly style.  I have started a mobile video series on January 2014. The short films are experimental works combined with the own soundscapes or the music of Orlando Bay. 

In stillness, art calls,
My truth in tamed frames dances,
Imagined life waltzes.

Vanessa Vox, visual artist, was born in Paris to french/german parents.

In the eighties she received an MA in Art History and Archaeology at the University of Aix-en-Provence.

From 2003 onwards she began to explore the possibilities of digital art in collaboration with her husband, a swiss artist and musician (www.orlandobay.com). They produced short videos and night photo series.

In 2012 Vanessa discovered the mobile photography. She was immediately fascinated by the ability to intuitively transform the spontaneous imperfect shot from a mobile device to an icon or dreamlike picture which has the appearance of an old painting or vintage photography.

Since 2013, Vanessa has made her home in the south of France, where she draws inspiration from the stunning landscapes of Drôme Provençale.

In 2024, Vanessa  moved to the “Trois frontières” region of Alsace, a unique area that blends the influences of three different nations.


Her short movies and her photos are regulary presented in specialized publications and showcases including Theappwhisperer, New Era Museum (NEM), iphoneographycentral, Mobiography, Artofmob and Flickr groups.

And she was a part of some international photos group exhibitions: Pocket Vistas in Collingwood (Canada), Kansas City NEM (USA), Mira Mobile Prize in Porto (Portugal), ISMA-L'Arte è Mobile in 'Museo di Arte Contemporanea' Rovereto (Italy), MPA Honorable Mention 2014 in the category 'Macro-Details'(Canada), AVATARS-autoportraits (2015, Paris), 'La fotografia como evidencia de lo surreal' (2015, Chile).


Vanessa was 2021 "LumaTouch Moving Pictures" Award Winner (Mobiography Award 2021) and her experimental mobile movies were part of the first ISMA (2014, Rovereto, Italy), #MINA2015, 2017, 2018, 2020, 2021, 2022 (Melbourne, Australia), FVAF2&3 (2016&2017, Hollywood/Los Angeles, USA), the 'HeforShe' LA Media Summit Event (2016, Los Angeles, USA), mDAC2016 (Palo Alto, USA), #MFF2017 (San Diego, USA), 'Blaue Stunde VII&VIII&IX&X' (2016,2018/01,2020/01 Köln, 2018/11 Wetzlar, Germany), Pandemix.mob (France, 2020), Canada (Toronto, Moving-Image-Arts 2021).


© 2023 by Vanessa Vox



I leave traces.

Traces of my daily journey.

Traces of me?

Traces written in colours, textures and soundscapes.

Traces on my iPhone, in my apps.

Traces of my emotions, my movements, my thoughts.

I leave traces of my life.

Life traces, life sequences, life movements,

Living in a kaleidoscope, living in layerings and transitions.

Mirroring me. Deconstructing me. Remembering me. Recreating me.


(Words by Orlando Bay, inspired by the work of Vanessa Vox.)

Mobile photography and mobile film

give me more spontaneity,

the opportunity to arise more from the moment 

because my mobile device is always with me

and very discreet 

because of the fantastic diversity

and permanent developement of the apps

because I have my whole editing software

always in the camera

because we have a wonderful community

to share our works and experiments

My work says

that mobile photography has become

my language to communicate my emotions,

my inner world and my inner view in a spontaneous way...

in short my iMotions!

J’aime composer des images.
Des images photographiques,
Des images en mouvement,
Des images qui dansent sur le son d’une musique.
J’aime apprivoiser la réalité dans des compositions issues de mon imagination.
Je veux m’approcher d’une vérité que je créais dans ma pensée.


I like to compose pictures.
Photographic images,
Moving images,
Images that dance to the sound of music.
I like to tame reality
to integrate it into the compositions from my imagination.
I want to approach a truth created in my mind.

have become
to communicate
my INNER world and my inner VIEW

All images displayed on this and related sites are copyrighted

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