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Introspective Moments in Photos and Poetry

Longing for peace and connection with nature

Images stand still,
Mind's eye listens, understands,
In thought's quiet room.


Majestic trunk of the chestnut tree,
My eyes ascend your textured bark.
My soul inhales your verdant green,
Like an elf in flight, it soars and whirls.


2024-07-16, "Chesnut Tree"

Among the ivy, a tiny spy,
Our gazes lock, and time stands by,
A magic moment, brief and bright,
Then life moves on, out of sight.

2024-07-11, "Lezard"

In a world where fear is none,
Eyes meet eyes, the bond begun.
A bird so light, in hand it stays,
Gazing back, in peaceful ways.

2024-07-07, "Little Bird"

Golden beams of light pierce the dark and rainy sky,
While the scent of earth brightens my senses, serene.
A keen first rainbow displays the purple-violet hue within.
Above, the paler arc mirrors blue tones to the outside.

2024-06-28, "Double Rainbow"

On the bridge, silhouettes sway,

Youth and age, their greetings shine with fervor.

A fleeting bond, from vehicle to earth,

We are part of the world family, so vast and grand.

2024-06-22, "Silhouettes on the Bridge"

Through the eye's quiet gaze, time’s flow unfolds,

Listen to the falling drops—a life of eons swiftly strolls.

From day to night, in seamless flight, moments blend,

A surreal journey, timeless, without an end.


2024-06-09, "Inner Eclipse"

Vorschaubild - Youtube

Wandering through the city,

Amidst the grey architecture,

I observe, I see,

Unseen by all, I am free.

2024-06-05, "I Observe, I See"

Looking through the church’s door, half ajar,
Stone-carved patterns, medieval art’s memoir.
A violin’s lament, a choir’s requiem ascends,
Chords build cathedrals filling nave’s silent expanse.
2024-06-02, "Medieval Serenity"

In the hush of my thoughts, I yearn for solace,

A haven spun from leaves and melodious birds,

Where the earth cradles my weary soul,

And the wind, with sudden breath, awakens me.

2024-05-24, "Yearn for Solace"

 With mighty beats, wings slice the air,
From deep within the ground, a hawk takes flight,
Suddenly we brake the car and stare,
As he claims the skies, vanishing from sight.
2024-05-20, "The Hawk"


Tiny plane in the azure sky,

Finds its home among clouds so high.

While beneath, with mirth, I walk on earth,

As it soars through the universe's vast girth.

2024-05-16, "Tiny Plane"

Where day and night intertwine,

Intense colors roam the silent expanse,

And trembling impressions upon the delicate waves.

Open yourself to the vibrant space within.

2024-05-10, "Vibrant Space"

Marvelous hues alight,

As spring's dark clouds draw near, trees gleam bright

"Leave now," roars the sky's might,

On winds' wings, I take flight.

2024-05-03, "Approaching Storm"

The oak’s majestic trunk ascends,
Like a graceful wave to heaven,
Amidst the tranquil wood,
Where dreams and earth entwine.
2024-04-27, "Heavenward Oak"

 You seem to move, you seem to speak
Within the city’s embrace, you spark to life
A constant presence in perpetual rebirth
Frozen moment in silent struggle
Pierre de Wissant, part of the sculptural group
"The Burghers of Calais" by Rodin, Basel

Each blade of grass yearning to bloom,

The green sweeps swiftly across the land,

Dandelions lift their sunny faces skyward,

A meadow alive with insect hums.

2024-04-14,  "April’s Verdant Song"

A warm cup of espresso on a table in the sun.
A moment of peace and reflection.
A reminder of the journey I have begun.
A reward for the challenges I have overcome.
2024-04-11,  "Cup of Espresso"

 What stirs the soul at spring's first light, when downy leaves in sun's caress,

Gleam and dance with such finesse, trembling in the gentlest breeze?

Is there a sight that can more please,  than the hint of life's relentless press,

In buds so small, yet full of might, in leaves of vibrant, youthful green?

2024-04-09, The Vibrant Pulse of Early Spring
2024-04-09, The Vibrant Pulse of Early Spring

Where inside blends with out, and walls don the sky's fray,

The past's gentle breath stirs, under the watchful day.

In this romance of senses, to touch, scent, and see,

I wander and revel in nature's wild scenery.

2024-04-05, Dorneck Schloss (CH)

Atop the mast, a stork stands tall,
In its nest, a sentinel over all.
Once nearly vanished, yet oh so fair,
As one reborn, your presence fills the air.
2024-03-28, "In its Nest"

 In rainbow hues, two arcs unite,
Above the sun, a splendid sight
I've never seen before
A special halo bright and clear
2024-03-25, "Halo"

 Here, in the symphony of birdsong, as day yields gently to the night,
Lies our existence's truth, in twilight's fleeting, soft light.
In this serene moment of reflection, where time pauses to sigh,
The tender promise of early spring whispers that life is nigh.
2024-03-23, "Early Spring Whispers"

 Tranquil lake, a serene mirror,
Reflects spring's tender hue,
Willow’s gentle veil descends in grace,
Nature whispers renewal.
2024-03-18, "Willow’s gentle veil"

City's heartbeats pulse beneath my feet,
Surprises bloom where culture and nature meet.
Something fascinating, at every turn,
Experience space, where dreams are born and burn.
2024-03-14, "City's heartbeats", Basel, CH

 Two swans glide beside me, calm and busy
This hour is a canvas of beauty,
Brushstrokes of joy and sorrow intertwine.
I feel it all—the tears of happiness and suffering,
As if an inner lake of eternal peace resides within.
2024-03-06, "The Swans"

You are a little plant in the lake, beyond my reach,
But my shadow can touch you in the evening light
2024-03-04, "Shadow's Alive" Series

A whisper loud, yet none awake,
Stirred me from dreams before daybreak.
In the silence, my name did resound,
Clear and close, as if someone were around.
2024-03-01, "The Call"

Birds and ducks announce the spring
The willow weeps with joy
I join the dance of everything
That breathes and moves and toys
I feel the magic of rebirth
That sparks my inner glee
I am connected to the source of life's eternal spree
2024-02-26, "Birds and ducks"

As the weeping willows softly adorn themselves with green
You still extend your twisted, long-reaching limbs
To the heavens, embrassing the air, caressing the breeze
I marvel at your regal stance, my quiet companion, I cherish your presence
2024-02-24, "Oak at the edge of a field"

Through the gaps of twigs and trunks,
The clouds on the lake's face, grey from near to far,
Sky and water mirror each other to create a world without end,
Where I long to flee, to breathe, to be.
2024-02-20, "Through the Gaps"

Mulhouse, it's raining
The streets are wet and shining
In the heart of the city
There is still warmth and beauty
2024-02-17, "Mulhouse, it's raining"

  The children stand by the shore
Their silhouettes dark against the light
They watch the water ripple and shine
A moment of wonder and delight
2024-02-01, "Silhouettes"

"I stand in awe, your grace to see," I say.

"Many years I've seen," the willow sways.

"Share with me your silent strength,"

"In your shade, I find my peace," it conveys.

2024-01-22, "Old Weeping Willow"

In January’s icy grasp, a wooden post.
Circles etched upon the lake’s surface,
Fleeting artistry of mother nature,
Captured moment of an no ending movement.

2024-01-20, "Frozen"

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