Where I live

"Vineyards, lavender fields, evergreen oak woods and olive groves. The fragrance of wild thyme and rosemary. Old stone villages built nestled into the hillsides or on the top of hills. This is the Drôme-Provençale where I live and which I love."

Venterol (© Vanessa Vox)
Soft Evening Light (© Vanessa Vox)
Tree Between the Lavender Fields (© Vanessa Vox)
Enchanting November Light (© Vanessa Vox)
Sunset over the River (© Vanessa Vox)
At the Foot of the Wooded Hill (© Vanessa Vox)
Lonely Stone House (© Vanessa Vox)
Stone House in the Far (© Vanessa Vox)
Lavender Field under Cloudy Sky (© Vanessa Vox)
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