Mobile photography and mobile film

give me more spontaneity,

the opportunity to arise more from the moment


because my mobile device is always with me

and very discreet


because of the fantastic diversity

and permanent developement of the apps


because I have my whole editing software

always in the camera


because we have a wonderful community

to share our works and experiments


My work says

that mobile photography has become

my language to communicate my emotions,

my inner world and my inner view in a spontaneous way...

in short my iMotions!




J’aime composer des images.

Des images photographiques,

Des images en mouvement,

Des images qui dansent sur le son d’une musique.

J’aime apprivoiser la réalité dans des compositions issues de mon imagination.

Je veux m’approcher d’une vérité que je créais dans ma pensée.



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