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 May the 13th, 2017


 January the 26th, 2017


 January the 4th, 2017



Mobile Photography / Art New Year Resolutions 2017 From Around The World by Joanne Carter


'Taking photos and post processing them is my great passion. Yesterday, today, tomorrow— it makes no difference. But 2016 was mainly a ‘video year’ which included also being occupied with music apps. All three genre— photography, video and music— are really fascinating and open the doors to very different worlds.

Looking back at 2016 I’m very honoured that some of my experimental mobile movies were screened in different venues and festivals around the world. Another interesting and exciting experience was to be part of the beta tester team of LumaFusion, which is a new and absolutely state of the art video editing IOS-app coming soon.

My vision for 2017 is to stay engaged in my creative flow. Which means keeping an open mind. Being faithful to my values. Living a colourful life. Accepting the perpetual change. Expressing the variety of creativity. Taking care of the very moment and never neglecting the things I love' (written by Vanessa Vox) 




September the 26th, 2016



A new portfolio of mobile photographers and mobile artists

on theappwhisperer page,

edited by Joanne Carter





May the 27th, 2016


Photo by Donna Donato 'Born'

Quote by Vanessa Vox


in the blog

'dreamstations, dreams and photographs'

by sentimental deed









May the 27th, 2016


Mobile Videography

- MoJo -

Interview with Chris Demiris and Terri Morgan

from LumaTouch 

by Vanessa Vox


'LumaClip and LumaFX (released 2016) are two powerful iOS video apps they come highly recommended and are easy to use. Thus, I was very curious to know more about the developers behind these innovative new products.

 In 2013 Chris Demiris (Engineering) and Terri Morgan (Design) co-founded ‘LumaTouch’ in Sandy (Utah, USA). Their intention was to ‘create innovative video products that take full advantage of modern touch interfaces’...'


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June the 10th, 2015


Mobile Movies Article –

Audio Tracks within Short Films and Copyright Rules 

by Vanessa Vox


'We thought it would make a great discussion to consider your choice of audio tracks within mobile movies.  The soundtrack is a very important part of your creation, it gives your movie emotion. It helps viewers to immerse into the flow of your images and it makes the virtual space feel concrete and real...'


Link to the article





 March the 12th, 2015 


'Photo I am Most Proud Of:

Vanessa Vox'


 in Mobiography

by Andy Butler


'Vanessa’s work is a combination of self portraits, abstract montages and Hipstamatic style street images. For me it is images like ‘Shadows Alive 2’, ‘Spread Your Wings’ and ‘Me and My Porcelain Bird’ that are classic examples of Vanessa’s unique style of mobile photography'


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 February the 21th,2015 


Guest Blogger Vanessa Vox


 in 'Combo Apps'

by Tina Rice 


"She has a very unique

and beautiful mobile art gallery.

Her work includes self portraits and landscapes.

What her work reminds of

are Biblical Storytelling and Folklore.

The images are filled with very vivid details

with dream like state while you’re awake"


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 April the 28th, 2014


'Top five Photo Apps -

Photo App Lounge by Vanessa Vox'


in theappwhisperer

by Joanne Carter


with my photo 'Feeling one'


'A symbiotic feeling with nature. A close encounter of three creatures: Blackbird, rose and human being. A reminder to take care of our beautiful world. A witness of an ancient wisdom. We all belong together. We are all ONE which is symbolized by the pair of eyes'

(Vanessa Vox)


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January the 13th, 2014


'Painterly Mobile Artist

Vanessa Vox' 


in 'Art of Mob' 

by Geri Centonze


'Vanessa's painterly style brings to mind

the works of Rembrandt,

El Greco or Anthony van Dyck

with her use of dark and golden tones

and heavy textures'


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 January the 11th, 2014


"Miss Skywalker"


"Apps Uncovered"

in iphoneographycentral,

by Bob Weil


'The first image by Vanessa Vox (Miss Skywalker)

artfully conveys with a self-portrait

a sense of strength and self-confidence.

For me, this image suggests that there’s a natural tension

between reality and dream (aspiration?)

and that this is a positive and necessary aspect of life'



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