The pianokeys are black and white
but they sound like a million colors in your mind
Maria Cristina Mena

I love music and I have the chance to listen to the piano every day. In our house in the South of France my soulmate Orlando improvises, sings and composes his songs. So I am always surrounded by music. It is a wonderful world which fills my heart with happiness.

I am fascinated by the piano sound but also by its beautiful design and perfect construction. Thus it is one of my beloved photo motifs.

Playing Hands (© Vanessa Vox)
Inside the Piano (© Vanessa Vox)
Inside the Music (© Vanessa Vox)
The soul of a vintage piano (© Vanessa Vox)
Ebony and Ivory (© Vanessa Vox)
The Old Piano (© Vanessa Vox)
Under the Shoulder (© Vanessa Vox)
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