When time seems to stand still

I feel always like travelling back to long past times when I walk through the narrow and deserted streets of the medieval villages in the Drôme Provençale. Even when they are restored they behold their ancient look with stone walls and lavender-blue or green shutters. It seems that time stands still. Only few things remind me that we live today: the cars, the street signs and some of the shop logos. Even the kids look like children of earlier times.


Most of my village life photos are taken with a retro style camera app. The "C-Type Plate" look. I made this choice to accentuate the historic and timeless character of the french stone villages.

Lady in Black (© Vanessa Vox)
Late for Church? (© Vanessa Vox)
Woman with Dog (© Vanessa Vox)
Together through the Door (© Vanessa Vox)
Waiting for Customers (© Vanessa Vox)
Old facade with railing shadows (2) (© Vanessa Vox)
Forgotten and Lost (© Vanessa Vox)
Ancient Wall Light Lamp (© Vanessa Vox)
The Arrival of Santa Claus (© Vanessa Vox)
Vintage Kid (© Vanessa Vox)
Montée du Château (© Vanessa Vox)
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