Vanessa Vox, mobile photographer, was born in Paris to french/german parents.


In the eighties she received an MA in Art History and Archaeology at the University of Aix-en-Provence and started to work as a dancer/choreographer in a Renaissance dance theater company.


From 2003 onwards she began to explore the possibilities of digital art in collaboration with her husband, a swiss artist and musician ( They produced short videos and night photo series.


In 2012 Vanessa discovered the mobile photography. She was immediately fascinated by the ability to intuitively transform the spontaneous imperfect shot from a mobile device to an icon or dreamlike picture which has the appearance of an old painting or vintage photography.


In 2013 Vanessa moved to the south of France. The beautiful region called 'Drôme Provençale' is now her home and source of inspiration.


Her short movies and her photos are regulary presented in specialized publications and showcases including Theappwhisperer, New Era Museum (NEM), iphoneographycentral, Mobiography, Artofmob and Flickr groups.


And she was a part of some international photos group exhibitions: Pocket Vistas in Collingwood (Canada), Kansas City NEM (USA), Mira Mobile Prize in Porto (Portugal), ISMA-L'Arte è Mobile in 'Museo di Arte Contemporanea' Rovereto (Italy), MPA Honorable Mention 2014 in the category 'Macro-Details'(Canada), AVATARS-autoportraits (2015, Paris), 'La fotografia como evidencia de lo surreal' (2015, Chile).


Her experimental mobile movies were part of the first ISMA (2014, Rovereto, Italy), #MINA2015&2017&2018&2020 (Melbourne, Australia), FVAF2&3 (2016&2017, Hollywood/Los Angeles, USA), the 'HeforShe' LA Media Summit Event (2016, Los Angeles, USA),#MFF2017 (San Diego, USA), 'Blaue Stunde VII&VIII&IX&X' (2016,2018/01,2020/01 Köln, 2018/11 Wetzlar, Germany).



© 2018 by Vanessa Vox


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